Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites


Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites


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Newly updated from the original 1992 edition, this 400+ page book is illustrated with hundreds of full-color, large-format photographs. Through its detailed essays it will offer an irresistible invitation to discover Missouri’s remarkably diverse natural and cultural heritage. These narratives go much deeper than the official brochures, telling the story of each park in a way that will enhance the understanding and appreciation of its distinctive features. With a focus on the special places Missourians have elected to preserve to represent their history and culture, the book will open the door to a lifetime of exploration and will influence generations to come. 

What readers are saying:


Thank you so much for your work and dedication in getting the updated version of this incredible book published. I had intended to look at the pictures and read text here and there. I ended up reading its practically cover to cover. It was an education in and of itself-archaeology, natural history, the Civil War, environmental issues, state park funding, social history, Native Americans, flora and fauna and I could go on.


The articles were all well written and lavishly descriptive. Especially in regards to social history, the articles respected history and reconciled it with the ore inclusive views of today. Much of the history of the parks involves contentious situations and the articles remained neutral and respectful of differing views as much as possible."

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