The History of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


The History of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


n this exciting new book, author Paul W. Bass documents the 75-year history of Fort Leonard Wood, formed in anticipation for America’s involvement in WWII and still training front line defenders today!


The History of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri provides detailed information on the formation of the base in 1940 (and why it was named for General Leonard Wood), then follows base training, objectives and growth during World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War, plus the War on Terrorism beginning in the 1990s through today.


The most detailed account ever published about Fort Leonard Wood, this book also documents how the base has impacted the development of Pulaski and Phelps counties and the surrounding region.

“For some of those who experienced basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, it became known as ‘Fort Lost-in-the-Woods, Misery.’ The choice of its location was initially questioned, but was easily rationalized. Before the creation of the interstate system, it was very difficult to get there from anywhere.”

– Paul Bass, author


“My training at FLW was tough, thorough and interesting. It was an experience I could never forget, and I would miss the men in my barracks. What I would never miss was the heat, the dust, and the Great Piney River.”

– Private Roger O. Austin, 1942


“Whether it’s hazardous waste…IEDs…corrections…military police, whether it’s all engineering, this is a base that is crucial to our nation’s strength. Fort Leonard Wood is where a lot of the most important technical training that is forward looking occurs.”

– U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, April 2014

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